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Brand Rep

Please carefully read our requirements listed below and what we expect from each of our Brand Reps.

Buffalo Roam Boutique Brand Rep Terms & Conditions

By becoming a Buffalo Roam Boutique Brand Rep, you agree to the Terms & Conditions below.

The Contract Period

The Brand Rep will usually be involved for a period of 3 months. If both parties agree to continue the contract after the initial contract period, the below terms and conditions will stand on a continuation of contract. Any continuation of contract after the initial 3-month period may be terminated with 30 day written notice from the Brand Rep. Buffalo Roam reserves the right to terminate the agreement at any time without explanation or notice. The contract will begin the day the Brand Rep signs the contract and returns it to Buffalo Roam owner Taylor Jo Binder. 

Brand Rep Obligations

Brand Reps must post a clear, artful, brand-appropriate photo at least twice per week, each week, for the duration of the contract, showcasing Buffalo Roam Boutique product(s) on their Instagram feed and Facebook page (8 times a month each, but can be same photo and caption on both). Only one of the posts may be a "flat lay."  We're looking primarily for images of our products in styled use on the Brand Rep. Please post a variety of images... different clothing, light, location, etc..  The photo must be tagged using @buffaloroamboutique (FB), @buffaloroamboutique (IG), and hashtag using #buffaloroamboutique .

Brand Rep agrees to send at least 3+ photos at a time, 4 times a month (but of course more is always better!).  Send your weekly email to taylor@buffaloroamboutique.
Brand Reps should:

Have 5,000+ social media followers on Instagram.

Show genuine enthusiasm and love for the products and brand shown in comments on Instagram and all social media.

Actively use appropriate associated hashtags on all posts that will get the most attention.

Like and Comment on other people’s photos of Buffalo Roam Boutique products. This is important as it helps us in the IG algorhythm.  If you can, replies right away (within 2-3 hours) are great (and have the biggest effect), but once every day or two, going in and liking, commenting on posts is wonderful too.  There will most likely be 2-4 posts a day.  You don't need to like/comment on EVERYTHING, but the more the better.  Please make sure to watch our feed AND #buffaloroamboutique as all of the reps/enthusiasts will be posting and it's wonderful if you're liking and commenting on each others' posts.  This builds engagement for Buffalo Roam Boutique, but also for each individual respectively. It will move your post up your followers’ feeds and help you connect with more people.  Plus, we can all get to know each other a little bit, which is always fun!  :-)

Test products and gives helpful advice on new products when necessary.

Promote the brand on your own social media through photography and sharing/pinning:

Instagram: @buffaloroamboutique
Business Page:     https://www.facebook.com/buffaloroamboutique/
VIP Page:       https://www.facebook.com/groups/buffaloroamboutique/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/buffaloroamboutique/

Answers questions posted on social media if possible, and replies to posts/questions on FB and IG when appropriate.

Please re-post any promotions we run, such as sales, giveaways, etc.

As a Brand Rep, you are giving Buffalo Roam Boutique the right to use your styled photographs for any and all uses we choose including, but not limited to; social media, website(s), print advertising, etc. 

Please remember you’re our Brand Spokespeople! We’d love for you to be excited about our brand and get all of your friends and followers excited about our products too! We’d be so thankful!

The Brand Rep must achieve at least 12 orders from customers using her discount code in the 3 month period of the contract.

Photo Details

Each time (4x a month, twice a week), please send at least 3 high quality, clear, uncluttered, naturally-lit, edited (if necessary) photos of you with our product(s). A variety is always best. (i.e. in different clothing, different positions, close up, far away, etc.)

Please use natural lighting. (i.e. next to windows, not directly in the sun is best.) Good lighting is KEY to great photos!

Please send photos from a variety of locations/backgrounds/details and with a variety of clothing choices.  Essentially, the same image in 4 different poses is not as useful as 4 unique images.

Photos should be artfully composed... not just your average snapshot, but something that is beautiful, unique, and appropriate to the brand.

Please refrain from having a lot of other brands' clothing or a lot of accessories in the photo as it takes away from the purpose of the photo, which is to showcase Buffalo Roam Boutique products. But you may use a few other pieces to complete any outfit.

Please do not add any filters to the photos you send us, or, if you really love a filter, then please also send us the unfiltered image. 

Sometimes, we may need to edit the colors of the photo a little bit, change highlights, blur a background, add text or choose to add a filter. Thanks for understanding; it's nothing personal... sometimes we just see something we want to accentuate in the images.

Please do not be offended if we don’t use all the photos you send us. We are thankful to have a variety of photos from you. 

What Brand Reps Get In Return

One piece each of applicable Buffalo Roam Boutique products sent to keep for yourself (we choose items, but welcome direction and favorites from you; we will try to have things coordinate). Minimum of 5 pieces a month will be sent. More will be sent initially.

25% discount for YOU during the duration of the contract, with 2 purchases required over the duration of the contract. We do expect to see product purchased with the discount appear in subsequent photos; photos of new product should be posted or emailed within 2 weeks of confirmed delivery. Coupon codes will be individualized and provided upon receipt of a signed contract.  Plus, free shipping!

10% discount for you to use on any and all social media posts. The discount code will be sent upon signing of this contract.

Our unwavering support in anything and everything you need!

Lots of love and appreciation!


Thank you so much! We’re so excited to get to know you and see your beautiful photos!  We LOVE what we do, and hope you do too.  CHEERS to our reciprocal success!

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